Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Personal Experience #1

My name is (name removed), due to my own experience and personal search, I am fully convinced Mirina Collections is a scam.
At around 2,000 followers I was approached by “Mirina Collections” on Instagram. A company that claims to be from New York, who make “hand made necklaces” of “original design”. They said they liked my page and asked if I would like to be a part of their ambassador program, in which I would get sent one of their “famous necklaces” and I would pay only shipping and handling, in exchange for my posting a photo with me wearing the necklace, advertising really. Of course I got really excited about this, thinking this big company really liked my page and what I was doing, I thought I was single handedly picked to do this advertising for them…although it was strange to me already because I only had about 2,000 followers at the time, not many to advertise to, so why would they choose me?…Anyway…
 They said it would take about 4 weeks to receive the necklace, since “they were handmade”. They sent me the details and I agreed, everything sounded decent until I hit the checkout for the necklace of my choosing that they were going to send me. The necklace was $129.00 but with the code they gave me the necklace was to be ‘free’ with me only paying for shipping and handling. The ‘shipping and handling’ came up to $40.00 USD, THAT is A LOT to ship a NECKLACE, nothing I ever ordered in my life ever had shipping for that much. I knew then that this was a red flag, now my second red flag, however I placed the order anyway, thinking maybe the necklace would be worth it. Would it make any sense, that a company who wants you to advertise, would charge you for the product they want you to model? This stuck out to me.
 The necklace I ordered was called “Viola”, it was silver and purple, modeled on their website and Instagram account by a girl with pink lips, shiny eye-shadow, pink nails and a ring.
A few days after placing my order I wanted to take another look at the necklace I was expecting, so I went back on the website, only to notice that the picture for the necklace had changed,although the name for it, “Viola” was still the same. It was also no longer the same model, and the necklace now had no purple in it. I was worried I wouldn’t be getting the purple version, and didn’t understand how they could change the necklace like that but advertise it as the same name?. I messaged the company asking about this and was told that they constantly change their designs to keep things fresh and new…ok that didnt answer what I said. Will I be getting the style I ordered? Why keep the same name and advertise it as such if its not the same necklace?
A few more days went by and I was contacted a second time by another Mirina Collections rep on Insta asking if I would like to be part of their program…I laughed thinking they contacted me twice, now I realize that a real company wouldn’t have done that because they would have already known I was part of the program. I realized this wasn’t a mistake, it started to occur to me that maybe I wasn’t one of the only girls being contacted.
I eventually received the necklace weeks later (longer since I changed addresses during that time) and of course received the only silver version of the necklace, not the version with the purple as advertised. I was also immediately disappointed, although the necklace was nice to look at, I knew already that this was no $149.00 necklace, the gems are very plastic, and very obvious, like they’re from a craft store. I knew I just paid $40.00 for something that wasn’t worth this much. But honestly? I’m hopeful, and it’s a flaw of mine.Despite having these flags, I went ahead and did a makeup look for this necklace and started taking pictures with it as I promised I would, I honestly spent the whole day on my makeup and these photo shoots hoping I’d have good pictures to send the company, I was still really into it despite all the flags, I still thought this company chose me and it was a big deal. Frankly? Me not getting the exact necklace wasn’t the MAJOR thing that upset me, if it really was a change from purple to silver, it wouldn’t have bugged me, I don’t get that upset so easily…but trust me this keeps getting worse…
Immediately after posting these necklace photos on my Instagram and tagging the company, using their hashtags, 'mirinagirl', 'mirinacollections', and posting the code they gave me to give to my followers for a discount (which was supposed to be - custom code removed -), I started receiving messages and comments from other girls about how the company was a scam. Everything started to make sense.
 I was told about how most girls don’t even receive their necklaces, or if they do,the gems are already falling out, or the necklace arrives broken. These girls were also reached out to by the company, with very low follower counts, and also paid $40.00 for the necklace (I later found out most girls paid more then me!). One girl I spoke with already had to speak to her credit card company because they took her money and she never got the necklace. I also started my own research into this company online, and that’s when everything started to come to light.
Any and every girl gets contacted by this company. Follower count or type of Instagram account doesn’t matter. The companies New York business address does not even exist I am told, I saw myself people asking in the comments of their Instagram photos “Where Is your office?” “I looked on that street but its not there” etc. etc….The SAME necklaces are on ebay, amazon, Alibaba for WAY cheaper. like, $8 to -$20…The necklaces are not hand made…I am told they are ordered wholesale from Turkey, which is why it takes so long to get your necklace, and why the quality is shit (this is what I was told, that they're wholesale from Turkey. I did look up these necklaces online and find the same necklace, cheaper, myself) . I read about this company threatening bloggers with legal action,and blocking anyone who spoke out against them. And now of course that us exactly what is happening to me
The “company” makes it sales and gets you, by having you pay $40 (OR MORE, One girl I talked to was charged $180!!- still for 'shipping and handling') for a wholesale necklace from Turkey (also Asian wholesale from what I read and what I've been told, and I saw the same necklaces on these Asian wholesale sites) and then wear this necklace, advertise to your followers to buy from these people, then gives them a small discount with the custom code they supposedly made for you and your followers (which doesn't actually work, keep reading)…making god knows how much money…off these fake, tacky, wholesale necklaces…that you think are one of a kind, handmade pieces from a big company in New York. EVERY girl with an Instagram can be a ‘Mirina girl’ there is nothing special about being contacted by this company, and perhaps that’s what hurt the most. But it gets worse! (of course it does)
The photo of the beautiful girl wearing the Viola necklace I thought I ordered and would be receiving?…I found a side by side photo on Instagram, of that girls account, wearing that necklace, crediting A DIFFERENT COMPANY! Mirina Collections STOLE this image of this girl and necklace, took her name off of it, and is using this girl to sell these necklaces UNKNOWINGLY on their website and Instagram! As of March 7th I went back to their website, and the picture is back, of this girl wearing this necklace that is NOT THEIRS is back on the website. They stole this image, and she’s not the only one. Apparently other girls are also reporting their images stolen by this company, not being credited, and they’re not even wearing Mirina Collections necklaces. AND they are not only stealing blogger photos claiming to be their necklaces...they are stealing photos from other companies and photoshopping them to make it look like Mirina company photos! One photo is a picture of a meeting, and up on the screen of the meeting it says a company photo? the screen says MIRINA COLLECTIONS. The photos they have posted on their website of "them making and designing the necklaces" were STOLEN from another company. (*** blog note, these pictures are posted on this blog for you to see for yourself***)
 I then got a message from another girl asking if my personal code they gave me to give to my followers even worked on their website, because hers didn’t. So I went to their site, tried the code myself, and of course, didn’t work! I did email them asking them to fix the code and received a response a few days later about it being fixed, but by then I had already disassociated myself from the company. I did go direct message the girl wearing the necklace who had her photo stolen on Instagram, but as of today I have not heard from her, I am still convinced she doesn’t know this is happening to her. (She has a lot of followers, i’m sure she never saw my message)...I learned I am not the only girl whose custom code didn't work...apparently no ones works unless you contact them directly and force them to fix it...why you ask?...well duh, they don't want the code being used because that gives people a discount. Another way to rip off their buyers. These 'Mirina Girls' are unknowingly telling their followers to use their code to save money, with no knowledge of the code not actually working.
After seeing and hearing all of this from these other girls, I immediately went back to my Instagram pictures of their necklace I had taken, and removed their tags and hashtags. I refused to advertise for this lying company! I went directly into posting about this on my Instagram, which I then received MORE messages of girls telling me to be careful because this company was known to threaten bloggers who spoke out with cease and desist letters from their lawyers! Also something I read during my online search, this was getting crazy! So I made this post on my Insta, told my followers what happened, started messaging other girls on Insta who used the Mirina Girls tags and hashtags and then posted straight to the Mirina Instagram asking how they could do this to people…and of course, I was automatically blocked! And the messages I received from the girls I reached out to, more stories of broken pieces, shady business, and ripped off customers! Most of these girls only had 30, or 100 Instagram followers, some didn’t even blog about makeup or fashion! This company reaches out to any girl with an Instagram account. NO company makes EVERYONE a business rep and partner.
During my process of reaching out to other girls, I had a few of them reply with “Would you believe Mirina just featured me on their page right this second and sent me a really nice message?” These people know what I am doing! They know I’ve been reaching out to others, so now they’re kissing ass big-time! Unfortunately for the girls, not all of them I reached out to cared what was happening, I even got a few “I don’t care, it makes me look good” messages. Oh really? Well when this fraud company comes to light and people find out you KNEW and continued helping this company rip off your own followers too, you won’t look so good!
ALSO! The meat of the story…the BBB (better business bureau) has an F RATING on this business. Go ahead! Go check the BBB website and look for yourself. All the complaints on that page are what I am telling you right now. Don’t just take my word for it, look around online, talk to other girls. Go on Instagram and search under the #mirinacollectionsscam #mirinascam hashtags. If you dare, make a post about it somewhere and see who answers you…the girls who have been blocked and hurt, like myself, will answer you. All the girls I talked to myself told me I was not the only girl who reached out to them shortly after posting their necklace picture. Post and they will come.
 Mirina! You may have threatened and blocked us, but no one you hurt has shut up. They’re still out there reaching out to other girls like I will continue to do myself. If your company was so great and legal, you wouldn’t be doing this to people. Just like Sailor Moon, I will not be a part of injustice to girls dreams! The part that hurts me most about this, is every girl I talked to was most upset over not the fact that you robbed us and gave us a fake necklace, but that you made these girls feel like they were special and a part of something, even though you contact everyone. You made these girls think they were special because of what they were putting out online, so special, that a company wanted to sponsor them.
So what happens next? Of course little ole’ me, now only 3,000 followers, receives a cease and desist legal email from the Mirina lawyers. Defamation? If they weren’t doing anything wrong and none of what I was saying was true, why would you need to threaten people with lawyers? Is one small blogger online seriously that big a threat? It’s seriously necessary to threaten me because of my opinions and what I learned? I ask you…if a company had nothing to hide, and were confident in their legit, real products…why go through so much trouble to block, threaten and intimidate small time girls like myself? Is it worth all the trouble to make us all permanently shut up?…if your products were real and authentic…wouldn’t they be able to speak for themselves? These people KNOW what they’re doing is illegal. Fraudulent. WRONG. Which is why they’re trying desperately to make girls like me go away. But I’m not going to. People not talking about horrible things happening, is how horrible things are allowed to continue. I will not assist in keeping people in the dark when I know something wrong is happening. So go ahead! sue me. I don’t have a single dime to my name and nothing to take. I will not support any “company” that hurts people. Me shutting up about it would make me an accomplice, and I cannot do that. I will not do that.
Frankly I did not reply kindly to the cease and desist notice. I emailed back (thinking it was Mirina directly, I actually emailed the lawyer back, but hey same thing) and quite honestly told them I’d like to have their real business address so I could print this legal letter and send it to them with a jar of Vaseline and tell them exactly where they could shove it…and I may have told them to go fuck themselves. Which really I shouldn’t have said but honestly I am just livid that a company with a HISTORY of doing this people that even the BBB knows of them, that I get an email telling me to shut up about illegal activity. Seriously??? That is INSANE....Why did I say REAL business address?? Because their New York address is not real, it is not a storefront, or offices, or a warehouse, or where the "make the pieces" it is a virtual office. Ironically also the same address as the lawyer they use to threaten bloggers like myself. Whether this is a real lawyer or not, couldn't tell, you, there is someone who shows up under that name and address, but knowing Mirina who the hell knows. If it is a real lawyer? I'm disgusted with them being an accomplice. And I care about the same about these legal emails whether or not they're real or fake. I don't give a shit either way.
Of course I emailed asking for a refund which I knew they wouldn’t do (and they didn’t, just like I read and the other girls told me), they apparently have a ‘policy’ about returns if you use the code they give you for the ambassador price. Hmm…so anyone who is an ambassador (which would be every girl contacted on instagram, I assume they would also do this to anyone who used a Mirina Girl's custom code) automatically can’t get refunds?…why?…Why is that automatically a thing? Scared of something?…scared of actually getting asked for refunds because you know what you’re putting out and doing is total shit? Interesting.
*** Another update***  I deleted the pictures of me wearing the necklace, while I was deleting these I saw a comment from a girl on one of the videos where I’m wearing this necklace saying “How can you call them a scam but still wear the necklace?” I had already deleted the Mirina name and tags from this video…she was trying to make it look and sound like I wasn’t being honest I’m guessing. I replied and told her to wait for me to finish posting this so she could hear me out…but then I clicked her profile and guess what? She was the head of PR for Mirina! HILARIOUS! Blocked her, Though I’m sure she wasn’t the only one watching my account. 
** Update ** More girls have also been blocked from their page after trying to share this link to their Instagram. 
**Update ** Also, if you look at their Instagram page their follower count does not add up with the comments and likes their photos don’t receive, it seems highly likely to me that they bought and paid for their Instagram followers (Yes you can actually purchase Insta followers) because if you then go to their Facebook page they only have a little over 1,000…it doesn’t add up. I also tried emailing the girl in the photo they stole from her. I hope she sees it. 
**** LATEST UPDATE- CRUCIAL - 3/8/16 Mirina Collections has responded to my complaint through the BBB. Of course they refused my refund, they are now hilariously claiming that I ordered more items from them after my original Viola order…thats ridiculous, I have my credit card statement to prove that false, and everyone who follows me on any account knows I posted one necklace that one day, this is easy to prove. They very stupidly sent the BBB 3 fake tracking numbers claiming these are my orders…well two of those shipped to Pennsylvania which I dont live anywhere near and the 3rd is in “Pre-Shipment” status as of this month, so that was laughable. They’re claiming that I’m found online wearing these pieces on my WEBSITE (which I dont have one, duh) and that I have their designs under some “Favorites of the month” page…uh…I only use instagram…my facebook, tumblr, and twitter all only update when I update my instagram. I have no website, nor do I blog about companies or reviews, anywhere. I only do makeup on my Insta account. I have screenshots of these fake tracking numbers below. Theyre also claiming they filed the “positive reviews” I have on them, well thats silly because I never wrote one. They’re claiming i’m doing this for my personal gain, yadda yadda, to grow my “brand”…I dont have anything of the sort lol Its just my personal account with my personal photos, so thats silly. Besides I’m one person, what about all the other girls that this happened to? Why only come after me? Do an online search for yourself…those girls arent being harassed so why me? This is getting ridiculous they get more pathetic daily, at this point I’d be happy to forget my refund in hopes they could buy a sense of decency with it and I’d be content to be left alone. All of these threats and legal action over my personal experience? Why are they so scared of me? I’m a total nobody online I don’t have millions of people listening to me….
***Update 3/9/16 *** I am hilariously now in contact with the girl whos shipping information Mirina Collections tried to say was mine to the BBB. We are both laughing hysterically over this. Mirina charged her for 2 collection boxes in January and February, which she never received. I was also told she was also sent a cease and desist email, she did take down her original posts, but continues to bravely stand against the company.
3/9/16 - I have also filed a report with the FTC (federal trade commission), and previously I have with the BBB (better business bureau), I am also disputing these charges with my card company. I urge other people hurt by this scam to do the same.
PLEASE even if you HAVE NOT heard of this company, SHARE and tell a friend! Share this post on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I also have this posted on my own personal pages. Look this up on the BBB page (theyre not accredited and have an F rating!) , look online, talk to people! even try posting on their account and watch yourself get blocked, anything! Stop this from happening to anyone else! Thank you for taking the time to read this, I know this was long, but there was so much to say.
I would like to conclude with this...even IF the people that reached out to me telling me that these are wholesale necklaces from Turkey (and likely asian import)are wrong and these necklaces really are “Made in New York”, it still does not explain why the exact same designs are dirt cheap on other websites. I know what I received, with its craft store gems is NOT a $149.00 necklace either way. So even if these girls are wrong about where they come from...the harassment, threatens, blocking, stealing money, stealing photos, etc etc etc everything I’ve mentioned in this post....those things still create a scam company. So again, if all of this were untrue...why go through so much to make so many of us shut up? if it was all crap? Even if I ignored everything I heard from the other girls, and their personal experience alone is bad enough to show this companys true colors. But them pushing and pushing me only makes me talk louder. If I would have been left alone I wouldn’t have pursued this, and as I have told them, leave me alone now and I wont continue updating this or talking to people, I’ll leave it alone and let them keep my money. All I want at this point is peace, I have enough going on in my life then to deal with these kinds of people. I have nothing to give them, so its entirely pointless, and now since it’s money theyre after with these legal threats...They’re more then welcome to take my coin jar since that’s all ive got. 
Never shutting up,
(Name removed) from Instagram
(This whole thing sounds just like Lime Crime doesn’t it?)
(For more evidence, photo proof, and experiences from other girls, please check the rest of this blog, and come back occasionally for updates. PLEASE share this information with other girls, or share this blog link, to prevent other girls from being hurt like we were. Thank you!)

^ photo Mirina stole and used as their own, claiming it's their necklace when you can clearly see this blogger says where she really got it from. Notice Mirina didn't credit her in their photo.



I do not live anywhere near Pennsylvania 


This package has not even shipped yet, though theyre claiming I own the piece and am wearing it already? Notice this was shipped March 4th...Today is March 9th!...I ordered my one and only piece in January

Their response to my complaint to the BBB, Here we have them telling lies about a website and blog I don't own, and that I have "multiple pieces" which you can see in the last 3 photos, didnt ship, and the ones that did? went to a state I live nowhere near

Youre welcome to look up these tracking numbers yourself
Youre welcome to look up these fake tracking numbers for yourself


  1. Ohh wow!!! Thank you so much for writing this. I was recently contacted by this company yesterday and decided to research it a little before signing anything. Thank God i did!! I'm sorry you went through this.

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