Monday, July 24, 2017

Update July 2017

Hello everyone! :)
I've been getting a lot of messages and emails so I wanted to make a quick update post and fill everyone in!

To be honest when I started working on this blog I figured it wouldn't be around long and no one would get to see it. I figured as soon as Mirina Collections found this blog and realized what myself and others had been doing that they would try to have it taken down or at least shoved down in search results so it wouldn't be seen.
 So we posted all the information we had at the time and left it up thinking we'd leave it as long as we could.
Well here we are so much later and the blog is not only still up and running...but apparently drawing an audience! I am SO SO happy that people are actually finding and reading this! We were very worried all our effort would be wasted, we are proud to see it is not wasted at all but instead helping people avoid these con artists!

On that note, the blog is currently just in the hands of one (myself speaking, though remaining anon for obvious reasons) and I've been getting asked if there are any updates and what the situation is now or if it is any different. I'll be honest with you! I am not currently fully informed of the situation as of right now today. Please understand, when I started my fight against Mirina I did so alone. I reached out to other girls, reported Mirina's many accounts, made and posted to this blog, I do all of that alone. Yes I have numerous other women and helpers who have spoken to me, shared support, and sent in their information to be posted here, but at the end of the day, this work was being done by myself. It turned into a job and started consuming my life. My goal is to keep other women like myself from being scammed...but I have reached out too many times with a Buyer Beware, sent this blog link with all the evidence, only to be cussed out? Unfortunately when I started this it wasn't common knowledge that Mirina was a scam company yet...well thankfully now people have started waking up!

More often then not I find that the women I tried reaching out to were more worried about their image. "But if I don't say anything at all it looks like Mirina sent me this necklace for free and I really am chosen to be a company rep!" It was very sad. Between this consuming my life, and realizing reaching out is pointless, I did stop pursuing this and working on the blog, it became too much.

However now seeing that this blog is needed now more then ever and people ARE listening this time around I will gladly jump back in and start updating, posting and researching again...BUT I absolutely cannot do it alone this time. It really is all-consuming, so if there are any others who are just as passionate as myself when it comes to getting the truth out there, preventing this from happening to others, and bringing these liars down...then please feel free to email and let's get you busy :)

To everyone else! Please remember you are more then welcome to send in your own evidence and stories or personal experiences as well! This blog still is as it has always been, the voices of ALL victims affected by this company.

Thank you for your time!
Now let's get the truth out there.

P.S- As for information, I do know Mirina Collections is currently still operating  (still under Nora NYC as well) and all of this information is still true and accurate. There also seems to be one or two more names I am hearing they are operating under, I'll be sure to look into that.  I also received a verrrrryyy interesting email from someone with some fantastic information who has asked me to please not release the information yet for legal reasons as listed in the email, but I assure guys will like this. Karma may have caught up a little faster then we expected ;) but check back for that one. I do of course respect not posting information until its due time as the sender has asked.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Made to Order"

Here's one of your "made to order" necklaces lady! Looks great in its wrapper huh? This particular one was found from an overseas company for $10

Monday, March 14, 2016

Ain't Nobody...

A little smile to lighten the air around here ;)

Us Not Caring...

We just had to share this one! We all needed a laugh!

Tiniest Summary We Can Do

Ok, we understand! Some people really don't enjoying reading and there is a lot of information and details on this blog. Some people just want a quick 3 second overview of the situation and don't want all the fact-checking, photo evidence and details, just a short answer. We can do that! So here is a list for you. The simplest we can do!

  • Mirina Collections has an F Rating through the BBB
  • They are known for threatening bloggers/posters who leave negative reviews of their company with legal action, and harass them until they take their opinions down. (Legal action that can't, and do not follow through with)
  • There are numerous reports of girls being charged, but never receiving their necklace or collection box, even AFTER the waiting period they give you.
  • It's been reported by a few that Mirina has went back into accounts and took more money at a later date.
  • The necklaces are not handmade, from New York, or even from Mirina
  • The waiting period they give you in which you "necklace is being made", is also the exact shipping time it takes to get the pieces from another country
  • The "handcrafted Mirina designs" have been found on numerous other websites for dirt cheap, Amazon, alibaba, aliexpress, ebay to name a few
  • Their business address is actually a virtual office
  • They charge obscenely high prices for "shipping" of your free necklace (anywhere from $15 to $180)
  • The sunglasses designs of 'theirs' are actually Dior knockoffs
  • They block ANYONE who comments on or likes an anti-mirina post on instagram, posts a negative review, or even says anything negative about the company...even if you only ask a question. Also if you post to their pages even asking something, you're also blocked.
  • ANYONE is contacted by the company and asked to be a brand rep. No matter your follower count on instagram or if you even post anything beauty related or not. Every girl is approached...but no company would have this high amount of "hand picked brand reps"...The Mirina Girls are chosen as CUSTOMERS, not brand reps...then are used by the company to make even more money
  • The necklaces often arrive broken (if you get your order at all)
  • They refuse refunds to EVERYONE whether you have used an ambassador code or not.
  • They play the 'racism card' to attempt to silence the truthers
  • The necklace with the blue feathers has reports of staining girls shirts
  • They steal images from other bloggers and companies, claiming the pictures to be their own products and company, and do not credit the people they stole the picture from. Some photos have even been photoshopped.
  • They purchased instagram followers to make them look like a real company
  • They're now charging girls $25 a shoutout...this was supposed to be a free perk of being a Mirina Girl
That's all we're gonna list for now! Short, simple, to the point. For any information regarding any of these incidents, simply go through the blog

Another Blogger Comment

Blogger Comment

"When I first received the email I tried googling the company to find more info especially what it meant to become an "ambassador" since it seemed they were inviting anyone and everyone. After I got a reply from *name removed* I decided to go for it! That was when I discovered the necklace was still $50usd after the "discount" I thought that was crazy so I ended up passing thank goodness!!! I ended up discovering after I was on the hunt for a cheaper "lookalike" that there are identical necklaces on many other websites and I ended up getting one for 3usd. It looked the exact same. I feel bad for the other girls who got tricked :( I can't believe how unethical this company has been, it is really disgusting."

"Andy" Necklace

"So one of the images the close up is the necklace I received from the website Aliexpress which are based in China, and cost me £4.41 (around $6), and is the exact same necklace as Mirina Collections Sell and claim its handmade for £91 ($129).A picture of me wearing the same necklace to if need be for proof and the screenshots of Mirina Collections and Aliexpress price comparison"

Mirina's Excuse For Unexplainably High Shipping

When one girl replied back to the Mirina rep that reached out to her, questioning why the "shipping and handling" charges were o astronomically high for the "free" necklace she was being sent, this is the excuse she was given in response.This particular blogger was asked to pay $60 USD for "shipping and handling" of her necklace.

"Fortunately, we are different than other brands. It is shipping plus weight as noted in the initial email because we pay for half the weight of the metals for ambassadors as the collection pieces are about $0.50 a gram to create and run anywhere from 150-450G per piece. If it was fashion jewelry, it would be pennies to the dollar and of course we could send something for FREE. But for collection pieces we are already putting out $30-60+ per ambassador to help out with the price, so we just ask that they assist in some of the cost so they can take advantage of the other benefits of the program such as the the bonuses, giveaways, networking group, 20-40% commission payouts, etc."

If a company says they are giving you a free piece of jewelry to advertise for them, you should be NOTHING. EVER. Not even shipping! Being told that shipping is this high to send a NECKLACE is a complete lie. Receivers of the necklace that have their order go through customs, are given a dollar amount on the package by customs telling them how much the package is worth. That cost comes up to $3....NEVER. EVER. Anywhere near what Mirina charges people.
You are told you're being charged for weight..$0.50 a gram? Well considering Mirina doesn't make their necklaces and they are ordered from elsewhere, that doesn't make any sense. There should be no "helping of the price" to begin with if you're being told you're a brand rep and getting a free necklace. And the buyer taking up part of that supposed price, has NOTHING to do with bonuses (considering that's not even a real thing and Mirina girls don't ever actually receive any real money. Since they are never told if they have 'sold' a necklace.) or giveaways...and how does networking (being able to talk to other Mirina girls...which you cant do at any time, for free, whether you're a Mirina girl or not) have any sort of financial value to that? They want money to connect you which you can do yourself for free?? and commission payouts? also not a thing. We have not spoken with any girl that has ever received any money for anything from Mirina, or even been told they have sold a necklace. This pathetic excuse and scheme of charging for "shipping" is just a clever con to get you to pay WAY over what the necklace is actually worth. This is how your money is taken. You're never an actual Mirina Girl...despite what they tell you. You bought and paid for a necklace from another country that you can find online for $10 or less, that is not handmade, from New York, or even from Mirina. THIS ladies is the scam. It's all about how much money they can get from you.

Girls are charged a variety of prices for "shipping" the cheapest we have seen was $15 USD (still over the price the necklace is worth) and the most we have seen has been $180.

And now? They're charging girls $25 USD for a mere mention on their Instagram page (which doesn't even have actual followers. They are purchased)...such a shoutout was supposed to come with 'being a mirina girl'. But now they charge for that too?

It's all about money ladies. It always has been.