Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We're Not Gonna Take It!

A little something to lighten the mood ;)

We're not gonna take it Mirina Collections!

And the thing is don't HAVE to take it. They can threaten, harass, block, and throw legal papers at us all they want to. If they were really able to shut up every single one of us and have every one of our posts, websites, youtube videos, blogs, Instagram accounts, comments, etc erased from the internet...don't you think they would have by now? It's impossible, no matter what they'd like to think.

Let's say one of us DOES shut up...ok...AND? the god knows how many people behind that girl will too? Of course not! What's that saying about cutting off one head and two more growing in its place?

Don't crumple under their petty threats. If they weren't doing anything illegal, we wouldn't be so scary now would we?

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