Friday, March 11, 2016

Their "Office Space" and Visit Avoidance

Mirina Collections used to not have any sort of business address, phone number, etc. People complained and felt this was fishy, so then they posted they were at "1441 Broadway"...yes...but not the ENTIRE NOOOWWW they finally added they're on the 5th floor. With this new addition girls have been asking to stop by to see the office space, to clarify it really exists, and anytime someone comments with a doubt toward them its replied with "Well all you have to do is show up to our office!" except they don't actually let you once you respond with "Yes I will stop in actually!' Then your told it's not a storefront and they need notice, yadda yadda, given excuses for you to not come. If you do a quick search online, as we have shown here, the 5th floor of that building is Davinci Virtual Office can read for youself what that is on the website. 

They once said they were holding a lunch at their 'office'...The Davinci service always rental of rooms and conference rooms for such events. This was supposed to be a way to prove they were real, but it take a 3 second google search for you to get the facts. Go try for yourself!

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