Friday, March 11, 2016

The Racism Card and Avoiding Office Visits

Mirina Collections LOVES to pull they "You're a racist!" card when confronted about their designs being from foreign jewelry websites, almost as they love being dodgy when girls say they're going to pop into their supposed New York office. Originally, Mirina Collections did not have a business phone number, or floor number listed on their address. This has since been fixed to the 5th floor (which we have found to be a virtual rented office, and if they had employees and a real office they wouldn't be stealing and photoshopping pictures from other businesses!) 

Mirina claims to create and design EVERYTHING "here in the USA"...But you can see here they admit to buying from Turkey (where the owners family is from)...but you can't mention this to them of course! That would "make you a racist"...awkwardly the blogger Mirina was talking to, was also Turkish.

This would be great...if they would actually allow girls to stop by to prove there is actually an office there...advance notice only gives them time to rent a room. US based? well that's funny, we've already been told that materials are ordered from Turkey...assuming the necklaces are even created..which theyre not considering the designs were found online before Mirina ever had a hold of them, and can STILL be found on other websites, for dirt cheap.

 Yup! Not liking their company makes you a racist, not the first (or last time) they will pull that card! and notice the line "even if I buy materials from Turkey...which I do"...thought all your products were designed, created, and hand made in the USA Britt!! NOT

 Here we have Mirina avoiding visits from girls, AGAIN. Even if they girls didn't go into the office, if they were allowed to show up, that's all it would take to prove they really have an office...but they don't. If they did have such and office, and employees, why steal so many photos of board meetings and creating necklaces, only to photoshop them to make it look like its your own business?

Another blogger being called a racist for asking where the products are from, below this is another blogger questioning the authenticity of their "office"

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