Friday, March 11, 2016

Purchased Instagram Followers?

The Mirina Collections Instagram page has "37k" followers...But the Mirina Collections Facebook page? Only 1,268 followers.
Now, why would a company that's 'so popular and famous' have such a LARGE following difference on social media? Simple.
On Instagram, you can actually PURCHASE followers (yes really!)....and on Facebook? you cannot. Check both pages for yourself....
 Also, go to their Instagram page, and look at the lack of interaction. Look at the amount of likes and comments they get...wouldn't a page with that many followers have a high number of likes and comments? It doesn't even out.
Need more then that? Go check other Instagram bloggers you like, compare their follow number to the amount of likes and comments, I guarantee you, there is more interaction on the 'less famous' pages you follow...then the "37k" followers on the Mirina Collections account. Funny isn't it? And this is my personal opinion...but the company was only started last year...2015...and they're supposedly up to 37k? No way in hell. No new business I have ever seen in my life makes that happen in this short amount of time of business...especially not a business with such a troubled history and negativity surrounding them.

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