Friday, March 11, 2016

Personal Experience #3

An Honest Review: Mirina Collections *previously posted*
As you may have already heard, I had the opportunity to work with a company called Mirina Collections. Firstly, sorry I'm just now getting around to posting this however, there is a very good reason: This is because when they approached me back in October, they were a new company and there was not much information about them. So I just signed up with them to get a free necklace and network with other bloggers. But needless to say, I was still very skeptical, and it turns out for good reason.
I am sure all of my readers know that I care for you all and wouldn't want you to spend your money with an untrustworthy company. Hence why I wanted to give this company a try and do some research before posting anything praising them.  Which again, I must say I'm glad I made that decision because it now has surfaced that many girls are having issues with this particular company possibly running scams.
The first red flag that went up is when I noticed if any of the girls posted any kind of constructive criticism, complaint, or questioned the company's authenticity on the group Facebook page, it would be taken down immediately. Personally, if someone was simply trying to help me by making suggestions I would gladly listen, and definitely not delete it if it were not impolite or vulgar, same goes for answering complaints and questions. Bottom line: No legitimate company would do that to their clients/spokes people.
Then while I was playing Sherlock Holmes on Instagram, I found a lot of the promo codes that Mirina gives us "ambassadors" to give our readers so they can get 20% off their purchase, are in fact faulty, not to mention Mirina first claimed that the code was "site wide" and then changed it that the code did not apply to specific items (such as rings and other accessories). Below, are codes I found around Instagram from the public posts by "Mirina Girls", some are older (2 months) and some are just about brand new, and as you can see none of them work. (Please note, these girls are not being targeted, blamed or singled out, I just simply picked these from the "top" and "most recent" posts under the tag #mirinagirls)
I also have to admit that the fact they charge their ambassadors a shipping fee for their so called "free" necklace is a bit sketchy (though mine was only $15, which I thought nothing of at the time, I've talked to other women whom the company asked as much as $80 for shipping--that is just outrageous!).
And lastly, after looking on Amazon, I have to say it cannot possibly be coincidental that many of Mirina's designs look IDENTICAL to those of wholesale stores from China, as well as the Amazon store called "Girl Era", this includes my "Erin" necklace which you can see on Amazon here. (Note: Recently after many of us girls pointed this out, Mirina Collections removed, renamed, or extremely discounted almost all of the identical necklaces including my Erin piece, though a few of the identical pieces remain and can still be spotted.)
Lastly I want to discuss one last issue I had with this company other than the promo codes, identical necklaces, and shady shipping costs. And that is the fact I was charged $40 for a "collection box" I still have yet to receive. [Edit February 16th: As of this month after I CANCELLED my collection box they charged me yet again, and I cancelled this box on January 14th and still have email record of it.] Though this is not too terrible considering I will just dispute it with my card carrier, but it's the way that the owner handled it that really rubbed me the wrong way. When I emailed the owner about this (repeatedly), she insisted that it had shipped and was supposedly on its way. However, when I asked for a tracking number she refused to give me one. So at this point I decided I had enough and politely told her I would no longer be working with her because if I couldn't trust a company myself, I certainly wouldn't (and couldn't!) promote it to my readers. At this, she blocked me. On literally every form of social media that I am on. Normally I wouldn't care about such childish rubbish, but when you're a business owner doing this to one of your clients (I came to find out this is her modus operandi), then that is just bad business and you're more than likely doing something you know is wrong.
If you are curious about the experiences/issues other women had with Mirina Collections, you can look at the following Instagram accounts: *all Instagram names removed* just to name a few, though there are many more whom I simply did not get permission to list.
In closing, just to make things vividly clear, I DO NOT recommend buying from or working with this company due to the recent overwhelming amount of evidence, from the research I have done, and through talking with a number of other bloggers, that they are definitely partaking in some kind of very shady business. I do not want my readers or my fellow bloggers to be subjected to the exploitation of paying $150+ for something that is claimed to be handmade when in all reality you can get the exact same thing for $20-$40 on Amazon.
I'm sorry that this post was the bearer of bad news, however, I felt a need to let my readers know what I and many other bloggers had uncovered. But if you're as angry as I am over the incident or have any comments or questions, I will do my best to answer them and would love to chat with you!
*name removed*

*UPDATE* - As of 3/11/16 Mirina has now sent me another necklace to cover their tracks since I never got an order, However Amex said to just return to sender since the package will be 3 MONTHS late and I will be granted my money back.

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