Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Made to Order"

Here's one of your "made to order" necklaces lady! Looks great in its wrapper huh? This particular one was found from an overseas company for $10


  1. This Blog Post is so accurate I was asked to become an ambassador for Mirina over a month ago. And I never received my necklace I order. They gave me a confirmation number that was sent to email claiming it would be sent out soon. Never heard from them after a couple weeks went by and I still had not received my necklace, as a matter of fact they never responded to me. Don't fall for this scam, claiming you will be featured on their Instagram page and on their website. It's a SCAM

  2. I was just asked today to become an ambassador. SO glad I googled and ran across your blog!

  3. They charged my credit card the same day but did not ship until after four weeks later. They ignored my emails to them requesting shipping confirmation. After I filed a chargeback claim with my bank, they emailed that the email was shipping confirmation but without any tracking information.

    Contact Shopify, the platform used by Mirina Collections, and report Mirina for fraud. If enough people report them, they should be forced to remove their site

    Don't charge a card unless you ship. Even the bank confirmed that is standard business practice.

  4. well, glad I google before making any rash decision :) Mirina reached out to my latest post on instagram (IG:@joysofyz) and I am based in Singapore.

    1. Me too, I'm from Chile, thanks a lot to the people who decided to write this blog!