Friday, March 11, 2016

If Someone Is "Lying"...You Have to Be Able to Prove Them Wrong

Well Britt...the thing about 'lies' and 'defamatory statements' that you have to actually prove that there's no evidence or truth to the statements. But you can't do that can you? You've never been able to...which is why you resort to blocking and threatening people you've already ripped off.
This whole post is entirely laughable, good luck finding the information, IP address, and contact info for every single girl on the entire internet who has ever been ripped off by you, that would take a looootttt of time ;) There is nothing illegal about sharing a viewpoint, opinion or personal story of what has happened at the hands of your company....nor is reaching out to help someone else, or sharing your experience "bullying" someone. You absolutley do not accept negative reviews...that's total BS you threaten the hell out of the girl and try to scare her into removing their comments. We all have proof of that too. This couldn't be a more ridiculous post....Maybe, if you didn't con people, lie, or rip people off and actually had quality business and business ethics...people wouldn't have anything to talk about.

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