Friday, March 11, 2016

Fancy Worded "Legal" Threats

As you've likely already heard, aside from flat out blocking or ignoring the people they've ripped off, their other favorite hobby is emailing and mailing fancy worded legal threats to try to intimidate and scare you into shutting up. They claim "Defamation" and "Lost Sales". See the funny thing is, first of all, cease and desist letters are not legally binding, so don't panic if you receive one, the rest of us have to, they amount to nothing. It's nothing more then a fancy worded desperate attempt to silence the people who tell the truth. Second of all, to have a case on defamation and lost sales, you have to actually be able to prove that you've lost money because of the statements, and worse for them? Prove any such statement is actually false. Considering they can't do either, but we certainly can, the letters are laughable. They can make any claim or accusation they want to in these non-binding threats, but they're groundless. You also have to prove malicious intent, and telling your personal story of what happened to...along with the stupid amounts of evidence we all have, it would be incredibly stupid, and expensive, on Mirina's part to attempt to follow through with anything other then threats. Anti-SLAPP laws exist, and telling a personal story of what happened to you is not illegal, nor is expressing your opinion and views. Unfortunately not every girl knows this, and some have gotten scared and removed their online posts, but that's not a worry here. EVEN IF this site gets taken down, or this actual action taken against any of us, the lot of us are MORE then willing to join together in a very information and evidence laden...and very public...lawsuit of our own. Lawyers have already been consulted, No one is getting a hood over their head!

Besides, remember were not the only girls to have been threatened and hurt. Searching online yourself, you see load of other girls telling their stories and view and opinions as well, even if only ONE of us were to actually shut up...which were not going to...there's number of other girls standing behind us willing to take our place and throw the same information back up online. All information has been backed up, and all of it is still very public and accessible to literally everyone. Don't worry, no one is getting kidnapped in a windowless van ;)

Another fancy worded threat, filled with more incorrect information Mirina attempted to spin their way.

You can see here someone had tried to make a website to help others too, but were threatened until they took down their videos....but look at all these other girls, blogs and accounts popping up with the same information :) Cut off one head? two more grow back.

Doing this search brings up another negative Mirina review, in which the person was threatened until they took the post down. Clicking on the link brings you to nothing, it says link not found.

Mirina Collections should have learned from the Lime Crime scandal (anyone else familiar with that one?) The more you threaten the people you've hurt and the more you try to shut them up...the louder they get, the more they are heard.

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