Friday, March 11, 2016

Brainwashed Mirina Girls + Followers Asked to Hush Up Truthers

Not the first time this has happened, but Mirina Collections is also known for telling their followers to report all Mirina truth accounts, report all blogger names who negatively review or don't like Mirina.
If you have to ask the brainwashed people you have to do your dirty work for you...and tell other girls to be negative toward others, and report them...doesn't that speak for itself? You're so threatened you now want your followers to do your dirty work for you?

Is it just me but does this sound very Hitler-esque?...Hitler told children to report their parents to the police for speaking negatively of him or the Nazi party. They were reported for being bad, unloyal Germans...sounds awfully scary to me!

Never get your followers to do your own dirty work or negatively go after others for sharing their views. That is literally insane, and sickening....Why not just make a company where there is nothing bad to say about them? The only issue is you giving us so much to say...stop hurting people...they'll stop telling of their hurt. It is that simple.

And yet again with the race card! hurting people has nothing to do with race. If that is the only card you have in your deck to pull against truthers something is seriously wrong...why not just stop the bad actions?...or better...prove us all wrong?...not threaten and try to silence everyone. What is this a dictatorship?

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