Wednesday, March 9, 2016

BLOCKED...Everyone is

Welcome to Mirina Collections! Where we lie and steal your money...then block you for no reason!

This part is just comical. Problem with your order? BLOCKED Complaint over your necklace? Don't like it? Broken? Want a refund? BLOCKED

Have you commented on or liked an anti-Mirina Collections post? BLOCKED...Have you mentioned Mirina Collections negativley on OTHER PAGES or left a bad review on your photo, blog, website, or Instagram profile? BLOCKED Say something negative to a friend? BLOCKED

I've never seen a company that blocks THIS MANY people...the hilarious thing is...a lot of the people blocked didn't actually do anything! Mirina Collections watches their page, every anti-Mirina Instagram account, and every account of every girl who is speaking out against them. Don't believe me? Go check for yourself. I've talked to girls who have simply liked a photo, or commented "Oh my gosh!" on a anti-Mirina photo...even girls who have commented on NOTHING...have been blocked. They don't give you even a CHANCE to get over to their profile to say anything to anyone else. Especially if you post a photo that is Anti-Mirina on your Instagram are already blocked from their account before you even get there. Someone is watching their account and tags like a HAWK 24/7, people are blocked within seconds!

But be careful, there are other Mirina goonies and 'employees' who will watch and keep tabs on your post. In one case, a girl had the PR rep of Mirina comment on one of her necklace pictures, after she already removed the Mirina tags and hashtags. "You call Mirina Collections a scam but you're wearing their necklace? SMH"...She wouldn't have known it was a Mirina necklace unless *name removed* account was already being watched, since the credit had already been removed. To comment such a thing to try to make a blogger like fake?...Thats pretty cute considering we could click on her name and see she was part of PR for Mirina, as said her bio. She's since been blocked, but there's other Mirina drones still stalking you. Spooky!

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