Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ambassador Codes Not Working

The 'Mirina Girls'...'Ambassadors' are given a 'custom' code to give their followers, that will supposedly give them a discount...however the large majority of us have found that our codes never actually work, or we are never even given a code, aside from 'mirinagirls' in our original acceptance email.
 Personally I did not receive my code until I ASKED for them to make me one, which was then created...supposedly...but of course once I actually received my necklace and posted the code along with code was not working...if you already had to request a code and you were told it was created...shouldn't it already be working?...and why would these codes not work?...They don't want anyone to use it and get a discount...duh! The less codes that work or aren't given, the better for them! More money! Here is me in my email requesting my custom code again (I had already told them I wanted it set to *info removed* in my original emails with them previously) and telling them it didn't work. They did reply later and tell me it was fixed...however I already distanced myself from the company by then.

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