Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Made to Order"

Here's one of your "made to order" necklaces lady! Looks great in its wrapper huh? This particular one was found from an overseas company for $10

Monday, March 14, 2016

Ain't Nobody...

A little smile to lighten the air around here ;)

Us Not Caring...

We just had to share this one! We all needed a laugh!

Tiniest Summary We Can Do

Ok, we understand! Some people really don't enjoying reading and there is a lot of information and details on this blog. Some people just want a quick 3 second overview of the situation and don't want all the fact-checking, photo evidence and details, just a short answer. We can do that! So here is a list for you. The simplest we can do!

  • Mirina Collections has an F Rating through the BBB
  • They are known for threatening bloggers/posters who leave negative reviews of their company with legal action, and harass them until they take their opinions down. (Legal action that can't, and do not follow through with)
  • There are numerous reports of girls being charged, but never receiving their necklace or collection box, even AFTER the waiting period they give you.
  • It's been reported by a few that Mirina has went back into accounts and took more money at a later date.
  • The necklaces are not handmade, from New York, or even from Mirina
  • The waiting period they give you in which you "necklace is being made", is also the exact shipping time it takes to get the pieces from another country
  • The "handcrafted Mirina designs" have been found on numerous other websites for dirt cheap, Amazon, alibaba, aliexpress, ebay to name a few
  • Their business address is actually a virtual office
  • They charge obscenely high prices for "shipping" of your free necklace (anywhere from $15 to $180)
  • The sunglasses designs of 'theirs' are actually Dior knockoffs
  • They block ANYONE who comments on or likes an anti-mirina post on instagram, posts a negative review, or even says anything negative about the company...even if you only ask a question. Also if you post to their pages even asking something, you're also blocked.
  • ANYONE is contacted by the company and asked to be a brand rep. No matter your follower count on instagram or if you even post anything beauty related or not. Every girl is approached...but no company would have this high amount of "hand picked brand reps"...The Mirina Girls are chosen as CUSTOMERS, not brand reps...then are used by the company to make even more money
  • The necklaces often arrive broken (if you get your order at all)
  • They refuse refunds to EVERYONE whether you have used an ambassador code or not.
  • They play the 'racism card' to attempt to silence the truthers
  • The necklace with the blue feathers has reports of staining girls shirts
  • They steal images from other bloggers and companies, claiming the pictures to be their own products and company, and do not credit the people they stole the picture from. Some photos have even been photoshopped.
  • They purchased instagram followers to make them look like a real company
  • They're now charging girls $25 a shoutout...this was supposed to be a free perk of being a Mirina Girl
That's all we're gonna list for now! Short, simple, to the point. For any information regarding any of these incidents, simply go through the blog

Another Blogger Comment

Blogger Comment

"When I first received the email I tried googling the company to find more info especially what it meant to become an "ambassador" since it seemed they were inviting anyone and everyone. After I got a reply from *name removed* I decided to go for it! That was when I discovered the necklace was still $50usd after the "discount" I thought that was crazy so I ended up passing thank goodness!!! I ended up discovering after I was on the hunt for a cheaper "lookalike" that there are identical necklaces on many other websites and I ended up getting one for 3usd. It looked the exact same. I feel bad for the other girls who got tricked :( I can't believe how unethical this company has been, it is really disgusting."

"Andy" Necklace

"So one of the images the close up is the necklace I received from the website Aliexpress which are based in China, and cost me £4.41 (around $6), and is the exact same necklace as Mirina Collections Sell and claim its handmade for £91 ($129).A picture of me wearing the same necklace to if need be for proof and the screenshots of Mirina Collections and Aliexpress price comparison"

Mirina's Excuse For Unexplainably High Shipping

When one girl replied back to the Mirina rep that reached out to her, questioning why the "shipping and handling" charges were o astronomically high for the "free" necklace she was being sent, this is the excuse she was given in response.This particular blogger was asked to pay $60 USD for "shipping and handling" of her necklace.

"Fortunately, we are different than other brands. It is shipping plus weight as noted in the initial email because we pay for half the weight of the metals for ambassadors as the collection pieces are about $0.50 a gram to create and run anywhere from 150-450G per piece. If it was fashion jewelry, it would be pennies to the dollar and of course we could send something for FREE. But for collection pieces we are already putting out $30-60+ per ambassador to help out with the price, so we just ask that they assist in some of the cost so they can take advantage of the other benefits of the program such as the the bonuses, giveaways, networking group, 20-40% commission payouts, etc."

If a company says they are giving you a free piece of jewelry to advertise for them, you should be NOTHING. EVER. Not even shipping! Being told that shipping is this high to send a NECKLACE is a complete lie. Receivers of the necklace that have their order go through customs, are given a dollar amount on the package by customs telling them how much the package is worth. That cost comes up to $3....NEVER. EVER. Anywhere near what Mirina charges people.
You are told you're being charged for weight..$0.50 a gram? Well considering Mirina doesn't make their necklaces and they are ordered from elsewhere, that doesn't make any sense. There should be no "helping of the price" to begin with if you're being told you're a brand rep and getting a free necklace. And the buyer taking up part of that supposed price, has NOTHING to do with bonuses (considering that's not even a real thing and Mirina girls don't ever actually receive any real money. Since they are never told if they have 'sold' a necklace.) or giveaways...and how does networking (being able to talk to other Mirina girls...which you cant do at any time, for free, whether you're a Mirina girl or not) have any sort of financial value to that? They want money to connect you which you can do yourself for free?? and commission payouts? also not a thing. We have not spoken with any girl that has ever received any money for anything from Mirina, or even been told they have sold a necklace. This pathetic excuse and scheme of charging for "shipping" is just a clever con to get you to pay WAY over what the necklace is actually worth. This is how your money is taken. You're never an actual Mirina Girl...despite what they tell you. You bought and paid for a necklace from another country that you can find online for $10 or less, that is not handmade, from New York, or even from Mirina. THIS ladies is the scam. It's all about how much money they can get from you.

Girls are charged a variety of prices for "shipping" the cheapest we have seen was $15 USD (still over the price the necklace is worth) and the most we have seen has been $180.

And now? They're charging girls $25 USD for a mere mention on their Instagram page (which doesn't even have actual followers. They are purchased)...such a shoutout was supposed to come with 'being a mirina girl'. But now they charge for that too?

It's all about money ladies. It always has been.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Personal Experience #5

Another Blocked Victim

Yet Another!

No Refunds - No Getting Out of the Program

This girl told Mirina Collections "I don't want to be part of the program, can I have a refund?" She received NO response and was BLOCKED automatically...on top of already receiving a broken necklace...they claim less the 1% arrived damaged. Oh really? And just who did a study to prove that statistic? Broken pieces are one of the top complaints we hear. This is also a common complaint on the BBB website...along with complaints of refunds being impossible whether you used a custom code or not, and also being blocked.

Asking Mirina to Send Your Package

There is a major problem with buyers (I like to say 'victims') not being given any confirmation information or tracking numbers, and their orders never being sent or recieved...But funny! If you actually take the time to message Mirina, THEN they will ship your package finally and get a tracking to you...why do you have to follow up and TELL a company to ship your package? After its already bought and paid for? That is THEIR JOB...Not the buyers...My opinion? They've never send it at all if you don't follow up. I believe they'd much rather you forget about it and keep your money.

Brainwashed Mirina Girls + Followers Asked to Hush Up Truthers

Not the first time this has happened, but Mirina Collections is also known for telling their followers to report all Mirina truth accounts, report all blogger names who negatively review or don't like Mirina.
If you have to ask the brainwashed people you have to do your dirty work for you...and tell other girls to be negative toward others, and report them...doesn't that speak for itself? You're so threatened you now want your followers to do your dirty work for you?

Is it just me but does this sound very Hitler-esque?...Hitler told children to report their parents to the police for speaking negatively of him or the Nazi party. They were reported for being bad, unloyal Germans...sounds awfully scary to me!

Never get your followers to do your own dirty work or negatively go after others for sharing their views. That is literally insane, and sickening....Why not just make a company where there is nothing bad to say about them? The only issue is you giving us so much to say...stop hurting people...they'll stop telling of their hurt. It is that simple.

And yet again with the race card!...you hurting people has nothing to do with race. If that is the only card you have in your deck to pull against truthers something is seriously wrong...why not just stop the bad actions?...or better...prove us all wrong?...not threaten and try to silence everyone. What is this a dictatorship?

Subscription Boxes Not Recieved

The most common thing we hear about the subscription boxes, is girls never getting them, even when they've paid months ago. Not the first time we've heard this one!

Mirina Collections Necklace Ruins Girls Shirt

Telling a Blogger to "Fix Her Review"

Here a blogger is being told to fix her review of Mirina Collections before they will fix the broken necklace they sent her...disgusting.

If Someone Is "Lying"...You Have to Be Able to Prove Them Wrong

Well Britt...the thing about 'lies' and 'defamatory statements'...is that you have to actually prove that there's no evidence or truth to the statements. But you can't do that can you? You've never been able to...which is why you resort to blocking and threatening people you've already ripped off.
This whole post is entirely laughable, good luck finding the information, IP address, and contact info for every single girl on the entire internet who has ever been ripped off by you, that would take a looootttt of time ;) There is nothing illegal about sharing a viewpoint, opinion or personal story of what has happened at the hands of your company....nor is reaching out to help someone else, or sharing your experience "bullying" someone. You absolutley do not accept negative reviews...that's total BS you threaten the hell out of the girl and try to scare her into removing their comments. We all have proof of that too. This couldn't be a more ridiculous post....Maybe, if you didn't con people, lie, or rip people off and actually had quality business and business ethics...people wouldn't have anything to talk about.

Fancy Worded "Legal" Threats

As you've likely already heard, aside from flat out blocking or ignoring the people they've ripped off, their other favorite hobby is emailing and mailing fancy worded legal threats to try to intimidate and scare you into shutting up. They claim "Defamation" and "Lost Sales". See the funny thing is, first of all, cease and desist letters are not legally binding, so don't panic if you receive one, the rest of us have to, they amount to nothing. It's nothing more then a fancy worded desperate attempt to silence the people who tell the truth. Second of all, to have a case on defamation and lost sales, you have to actually be able to prove that you've lost money because of the statements, and worse for them? Prove any such statement is actually false. Considering they can't do either, but we certainly can, the letters are laughable. They can make any claim or accusation they want to in these non-binding threats, but they're groundless. You also have to prove malicious intent, and telling your personal story of what happened to...along with the stupid amounts of evidence we all have, it would be incredibly stupid, and expensive, on Mirina's part to attempt to follow through with anything other then threats. Anti-SLAPP laws exist, and telling a personal story of what happened to you is not illegal, nor is expressing your opinion and views. Unfortunately not every girl knows this, and some have gotten scared and removed their online posts, but that's not a worry here. EVEN IF this site gets taken down, or this actual action taken against any of us, the lot of us are MORE then willing to join together in a very information and evidence laden...and very public...lawsuit of our own. Lawyers have already been consulted, No one is getting a hood over their head!

Besides, remember were not the only girls to have been threatened and hurt. Searching online yourself, you see load of other girls telling their stories and view and opinions as well, even if only ONE of us were to actually shut up...which were not going to...there's number of other girls standing behind us willing to take our place and throw the same information back up online. All information has been backed up, and all of it is still very public and accessible to literally everyone. Don't worry, no one is getting kidnapped in a windowless van ;)

Another fancy worded threat, filled with more incorrect information Mirina attempted to spin their way.

You can see here someone had tried to make a website to help others too, but were threatened until they took down their videos....but look at all these other girls, blogs and accounts popping up with the same information :) Cut off one head? two more grow back.

Doing this search brings up another negative Mirina review, in which the person was threatened until they took the post down. Clicking on the link brings you to nothing, it says link not found.

Mirina Collections should have learned from the Lime Crime scandal (anyone else familiar with that one?) The more you threaten the people you've hurt and the more you try to shut them up...the louder they get, the more they are heard.

Mirina's "Viola" Necklace = The "Summit" Necklace

And unsurprisingly we've found the "Viola" style being sold elsewhere too. As you've already seen, Mirina Collections stole @The FashionFreakk's necklace photo that she clearly states is from a different company, and has been using that photo (without her knowledge and no credit given to her) to advertise "their" piece on the Mirina Website and Instagram page. But of course when you search "Summit" necklace on the real necklace company's page, right there it is, Just like @TheFashionFreakk said. We have contacted this real company and asked if they know about Mirina having the design and stealing photos, we are currently awaiting a response.

Purchased Instagram Followers?

The Mirina Collections Instagram page has "37k" followers...But the Mirina Collections Facebook page? Only 1,268 followers.
Now, why would a company that's 'so popular and famous' have such a LARGE following difference on social media? Simple.
On Instagram, you can actually PURCHASE followers (yes really!)....and on Facebook? you cannot. Check both pages for yourself....
 Also, go to their Instagram page, and look at the lack of interaction. Look at the amount of likes and comments they get...wouldn't a page with that many followers have a high number of likes and comments? It doesn't even out.
Need more then that? Go check other Instagram bloggers you like, compare their follow number to the amount of likes and comments, I guarantee you, there is more interaction on the 'less famous' pages you follow...then the "37k" followers on the Mirina Collections account. Funny isn't it? And this is my personal opinion...but the company was only started last year...2015...and they're supposedly up to 37k? No way in hell. No new business I have ever seen in my life makes that happen in this short amount of time of business...especially not a business with such a troubled history and negativity surrounding them.

Now Charging $25 For a Feature!

Mirina Collections has just announced that you can now pay $25 for them to mention you on their Instagram page to their "100,000 Users"...But we've awkwardly already proved that their Instagram followers are purchased. And paying $25 for MENTION? Well that's funny! Because that was supposed to be one of the perks of "Being a Mirina Girl"...them mentioning you on their blog and Instagram...but nope! They just realized they can get even more money from you.

Their "Office Space" and Visit Avoidance

Mirina Collections used to not have any sort of business address, phone number, etc. People complained and felt this was fishy, so then they posted they were at "1441 Broadway"...yes...but not the ENTIRE BUILDING...so NOOOWWW they finally added they're on the 5th floor. With this new addition girls have been asking to stop by to see the office space, to clarify it really exists, and anytime someone comments with a doubt toward them its replied with "Well all you have to do is show up to our office!" except they don't actually let you once you respond with "Yes I will stop in actually!' Then your told it's not a storefront and they need notice, yadda yadda, given excuses for you to not come. If you do a quick search online, as we have shown here, the 5th floor of that building is Davinci Virtual Office space...you can read for youself what that is on the https://www.davincivirtual.com/ website. 

They once said they were holding a lunch at their 'office'...The Davinci service always rental of rooms and conference rooms for such events. This was supposed to be a way to prove they were real, but it take a 3 second google search for you to get the facts. Go try for yourself!

A Message From A Blogger

The Racism Card and Avoiding Office Visits

Mirina Collections LOVES to pull they "You're a racist!" card when confronted about their designs being from foreign jewelry websites, almost as they love being dodgy when girls say they're going to pop into their supposed New York office. Originally, Mirina Collections did not have a business phone number, or floor number listed on their address. This has since been fixed to the 5th floor (which we have found to be a virtual rented office, and if they had employees and a real office they wouldn't be stealing and photoshopping pictures from other businesses!) 

Mirina claims to create and design EVERYTHING "here in the USA"...But you can see here they admit to buying from Turkey (where the owners family is from)...but you can't mention this to them of course! That would "make you a racist"...awkwardly the blogger Mirina was talking to, was also Turkish.

This would be great...if they would actually allow girls to stop by to prove there is actually an office there...advance notice only gives them time to rent a room. US based? well that's funny, we've already been told that materials are ordered from Turkey...assuming the necklaces are even created..which theyre not considering the designs were found online before Mirina ever had a hold of them, and can STILL be found on other websites, for dirt cheap.

 Yup! Not liking their company makes you a racist, not the first (or last time) they will pull that card! and notice the line "even if I buy materials from Turkey...which I do"...thought all your products were designed, created, and hand made in the USA Britt!! NOT

 Here we have Mirina avoiding visits from girls, AGAIN. Even if they girls didn't go into the office, if they were allowed to show up, that's all it would take to prove they really have an office...but they don't. If they did have such and office, and employees, why steal so many photos of board meetings and creating necklaces, only to photoshop them to make it look like its your own business?

Another blogger being called a racist for asking where the products are from, below this is another blogger questioning the authenticity of their "office"

Photos by Experience #4